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Burning Horizon's H*R Fan-Forum GAME SECTION RULES --> READ NOW! (UPDATED 7-23-05)

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Author Topic: GAME SECTION RULES --> READ NOW! (UPDATED 7-23-05)  (Read 5235 times)
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« on: November 08, 2003, 06:11:51 am »

This is my same post as before. You all should have read it, but I don't think some of you did. Adhere by these rules, or your threads will be LOCK'd!

Super Fun Games-n-Such


#1. Obviously, keep posting clean, as well as appropriate to the topic/game at hand. 
#2. When signing up for a game, be sure to read the rules of conduct that the threadmaker set out. If the rules are not outlined, the thread will be locked.
#3. This can be edited by one of the other mods, but starting a "game outline thread" is quite handy. Rather than starting a new thread, first ask if there is a high enough demand. Initiate a signup stage allowing people to solidify their interests.
#4. Respect the person who started the thread. This is someone who put time and effort into creating something a whole group can enjoy. So don't just take control of Paintball Fight if you think you can do a better jorb running it.
#5. Try to refrain from starting "clone threads." These being "Funny colored ink-shooter game!" or "Vote someone off the island game!" The most interesting threads are inventive and creative.
#6. This is the official game section for this forum. That means that all game related stuff goes here. Not news, not t.i.a.b. Not even little questions. Here.

#7. Don't "wing" your threads. "Winging a thread" is making up rules for the game as you go, and not clearly outlining the rules at the beginning. Outline the rules clearly, so that the contestants and mods will know what you're doing. If you don't "have the time" to explain what you are doing, you should not be starting a thread in the first place.
#8. Limit all fighting-type threads to Marshmellow's Last Stand (MLS). The fighting threads went out of hand a long time ago and we don't want that to happen again. And if MLS is abused/mistreated as a thread, it will be locked.

#9.  Any game that isn't "being played" within one week, (seven days) of the first post will be locked. If it hasn't started by then, the odds are it never will.

#10. The moderators have the option of locking any game that goes "dormant" for more than one week.  If no-one has played the game in that period of time, it would appear the game has lost it's popularity.

#11.  Game threads are locked somewhere between 20-25 pages. If a game thread, such as "Would you rather" or "Pass the Mic" gets locked, the host of that game has the option of starting the game anew.  You may not "steal" their game.  Only if you get their permission in advance, may you continue an old game thread.

#12.  Any forum member that demonstrates "sore loser" behavior because they've lost a game: that is they post negative things about the game or its host or its players, reveal game secrets in a post, harass the host of the game through forum PM, IM, email, or anything else will receive demerits, and be forbidden from participating in future games based on the sole discretion of the admins and mods of these boards.

13. Please refrain from posting "two-player only" games. Its kinda pointless for a section with games for multiple peope to have a thread where only two people can play. Games like that are too short and its not fair if only two people can play.

14. Games can't just have H*R characters, they also need to be in an H*R setting also. What we mean is that the games have to be in an H*R related setting rather than a setting from somewhere else. Here's an example of what we want to see:

BAD: The Cheat Commandos riding a Landmaster tank on Titania from Star Fox 64

GOOD: The Cheat Commandos riding an action figure storage vehicle through the desert in the second Cheat Commandos short.

15. Do not post any "auto-running" games like "ask a stupid question". These threads grow too fast and people normally post in them to spam their post counts up. The picture war will be the only one of it's type due to the popularity it had and because it's growth rate slowed down when it became H*R related.

That's about it for now. We'll add more if need be.
-Depressio, Mythic wanderer, and the BHZ's management
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« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2003, 03:52:12 pm »

Hey, I found it! Hooray!

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