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Burning Horizon's H*R Fan-Forum Tricked, No Treats Part 1 (Written Commentary Added)

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Author Topic: Tricked, No Treats Part 1 (Written Commentary Added)  (Read 1054 times)
Two More Eggs
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Two more eggs.

Tricked, No Treats Part 1 (Written Commentary Added)
« on: January 22, 2005, 12:29:11 pm »


Some of the older members might've read about this in my upcoming toons page. Man, am I glad I never fully finished this, or else by the time I did, I'd be sooo much better.

Well, perhaps enjoy? Tongue

Here, a commentary for your troubles! Only read after watching!

(Bold words are the toon, Plain is the commentary)

Sinister Spy: Hello, I am Zinizter ZPY. *lightning cracks*

George: YEOWW!!!!

Sinister Spy: And zat is my number one fan... George.

George: We're here to comment on the ex*zzzzzz*tremely old unfinis*zzzzzz*hed toon, Tricked, No Treat*z*. *crackle... crackle- POP!!*

Sinister Spy: Indeed. Now, let uz prezz play and...

*themesong playz... er... plays*

Sinister Spy: Vhat zeh... Zcott zingz? Vell, vhy deedn't he tell me! Maybe I could make him... "Zcott, Boy Genius... Of... Rock And Roll", or "Technozap"... or even, "Litebulb"!

*fading to alarm clock*

George: Hey that'd look great as a sinister spy alarm clock. And it'd go...

Alarm Clock: Time for school, Scott!

George: No, something along the lines of...

Scott: Huh?

George: No, why would it say that? It'd say...

Scott: Whoaa...

George: No.. I was thinkin-

Scott: AAAAAH!!!

George: No, what do you think Sinister Spy is? A sissy? Stop inter-

Scott: Ohhh!

Sinister Spy: Um, George, it's just the toon-

Scott: Ahhh...

George: Yes! YES! That's it! Ahhh... Zinister Zpy. *raindrop falls down instead of thunder*

Sinister Spy: Oooookaay.

Scott: Weeee!!

George: What in the world is with Scott's bed? It looks uncomfortable and... rock shaped... gee, how does that guy get a good sleep?

Sinister Spy: Vhat'z vith all the YIPEE!! and YAY! in thiz cartoon? I thought Scott had a beeger vocabulary than zat.

Scott: Yeeehaaaaawww!

SS: Zee vhat I mean?

George: No, I don't want a burger. But thanks!

Sinister Spy: No, beeger!

George: Chicer? Aren't I already cool enough? AREN'T WE STILL BEST BUDS?!!

Sinister Spy: No, you're cool enough, I wasn't even-

George: I'm just not good enough am I? *sniff* Well, go on-


*George closes door*

Sinister Spy: NO! VAIT! Oy, I'm zorry, audienze, I need to apoligize to George... zee ya!
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Mr. Teatime
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You should be nicer to me.

Re: Tricked, No Treats Part 1 (Written Commentary Added)
« Reply #1 on: January 22, 2005, 03:02:52 pm »

I wish my school had a porthole...

That was pretty good. I enjoyed the commentary. Sinister Spy is still the coolest thing ever. Next to meat wrapped with cheese, of course.
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